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Van Rental Toronto

Rent a van or a minivan and enjoy the city of Toronto

Toronto is truly a city that has it all. When we are talking for a variety of sights in this case we really mean it. Through Toronto you can see the evolution of humanity. Commercial and modern sights co-exist with landmarks of national heritage. This city has also a great economical influence it is the home of Toronto stock exchange and some of the nation's largest bank. This aspect of the city attracts personalities that have the first say in the financial affairs , and determine in a great way the future of economy. For such a city which attracts people with different way of thinking and needs there is only one medium of transportation that can live up to their expectations a mini van. Van hire does not only mean hiring a mini van, but having at your disposal a vehicle of the latest technology that will make your trip unforgettable. Visit our website at and see for yourselves.

With 12 seat minivan rentals you will no longer feel trapped in the center of the city or that time hunts you. You will have the chance to think calmly what the next step of your journey is going to be. For a perfect start visit the Eaton Centre. It is an airy shopping mall located in the heart of the city with more than 200 shops it offers choices for every wallet. The glass center is a jewel of modern architecture and feature an enormous Canadian geese mobile flight shop designed by the great artist Michael Snow. If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view and feel like flying The CN Tower is the place for you. The elevator will take you to the observation deck where the transparent floor makes the feeling even more magical.

Toronto City A must see is also the Casa Luna which stands proudly and observes the city. Built on the early 1900's it is the architectural dream of the wealthy businessman Henry Pellatt it has some incredible features for the time that was constructed such as an elevator. Visit the Royal Ontario Museum. Its external glass serrate appearance provokes all kinds of emotions from admiration to aversion. With more than 40 galleries of art, archaeology and natural science it will keep you busy for a long time.

If you want to see the other-side of downtown Toronto the Distillery Historic District is the ideal place. At the pedestrian-only village the flame of culture remains unquenched. This small treasure of Toronto is dedicated to promote culture architecture and art in every way. You can enjoy a hot cup of coffee in one of the beautiful cafes.

For a real escape away from the noise and the tension of the city the Centre Island is the only choice. A series of small islands compose the biggest urban car free community in North America. Here you can forget about everything and let yourself relax and live this wonderful 'Lake Dream”.
Torronto has the second largest Chinatown in Northamerica if you value alternative shopping you won't want to leave this place. Clothing, jewelery and decorative items puts you in temptation. Let your consumption frenzy free. After you have finished with shopping, taste an amazing Chineese food or even onother Asian Cuicine.

For many professionals coming to Toronto for business matters has become a part of their daily life. What is the first thing these people what as soon as they set foot here? The answer is very simple actually they need to move in and out of the city with their partners with the some comfort as they would if they were at their country. Can this be possible? Yes! Minivan rentals makes it possible. It is not only that provides the some advantages with a luxury car, but even more. Its big space and seats allows you to travel work write and discuss Van rental is a well equipped small office that makes 5 star travelling a reality.
While everybody wonders how you and your partners manage to always be up-to date and in the middle of developments you already know the secret that makes it happen. It's called van hire and it's high time everybody knows about it.

Choose Van rental and life won't get easier than this!

Pick Up & Drop Off Locations in Toronto:
Billy Bishop Toronto City - Airport
City Center
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