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Van Rental Shanghai

Rent a van or a minivan and enjoy the city of Shanghai

Shanghai welcomes you. You are at the most populous city in the world with more than 23 million people. It is a global city that plays a leading role in finance commerce art and culture. It's considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its many famous landmarks. Shanghai is the live example of the tremendous development of mainland China. Vivid rhythms crowded roads create a mosaic of colors and experiences. No matter how many days you have at your disposal is difficult to see everything that this city has to offer. What you need in a city like this is a medium of transportation with 24 hour availability that provides easy and comfortable transportation. If you believe that such a vehicle does not exist Van hire is here to prove that you are totally wrong. Visit our site at and you will explore Shanghai with the speed of light.

Everything in Shanghai starts with the Bud even if you ask the locals this is the sight they will tell you to visit first. This waterfront is the center of Shanghai for more than two centuries colonial structures co-exist with the 21th century architecture creating an absolutely harmonious landscape.
The 1 mile walk is perfect for day and night. The city of Temple is a temple located within the old city wall .The city of temple is now the name for the whole traditional commercial district of the city. There are thousands of shops with a great historical value since the majority of them is more than a hundred years old.

Shanghai City When you are in Shanghai some relaxation is more indispensable than ever and you have the best travelling tool to accomplish that. Let your 12 seat minivan rentals guide you to the Yu Yuan Garden. This 16th century garden is a real oasis away from the noise of the city. It spreads in an area of more than 5 acres and has over than 16 pavillions, so you need more than a day to see everything. The most famous temple is the Grand Rockery two thousand tones of rare yellow stone are combined with rice glue and create a sculpture more than 30 meters high.

The Museum of Shanghai is the most famous in China. It has 11 galleries and more than 120.000 exhibits. The bronse and and the stone sculpture gallery are the most visited among all. Their exhibits are dated from 18th B.C. Najing Lu is the most famous shopping street of Shanghai. If you are here at night the led lights will make you feel as if you are in Las Vegas . And if you want to see the city from up high the Shanghai World financial center is the ideal place for it. With 101 floors and 495m high you will have a simply breathtaking view.

If you want to have an overall aspect of the city take one of the wonderful offered cruise. Along the way you will see the Jin Mao Tower, The Oriental Pearl, The TV tower,and Huangpu Park.

Shanghai is a city with one of the greatest business activities in the world. Thousands of businessmen flooding the city daily. They have to follow deadlines move from one place to the other many times in a day. discuss and resolve issues and all these without wasting time. These situations are so overwhelming and stressful with many imponderable factors. Minivan rentals can put an end in all these and makes your business trip here a stress- free process with many benefits. Van hire helps you create you own travel plan no matter how demanding it might be. A multi-vehicle with advanced technology features promise to make your life a lot easier

They say that if you can make it in Shanghai you can make it everywhere and 12 seat minivan rentals is not going to disappoint you

Pick Up & Drop Off Locations in Shanghai:
Shanghai - Hongqiao Airport
Shanghai - Pudong Airport
City Center
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