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Van Rental Moscow

Rent a van or a minivan and enjoy the city of Moscow

Moscow is the capital city of Russia. It is a political economic cultural and scientific centre. This city is the birthplace of the most famous writers such as Dostowevski and Tolstoy who changed everything in the world of literature. Moscow is a historical city where every corner has something interesting to demonstrate. Its atmosphere is like her famous Valley dancers has an absolute harmony that magnetizes the visitor. Its many achievements is what makes this city a power with historical value and at the some time a metropolis that is always one step ahead. If you belong to the kind of visitor that doesn't want only to travel around the city, but wants to explore everything in detail Van hire is your only solution. Book your minivan online at and and a new era in the world of travelling is open in front of you.

If you want to understand why Moscow is also called the 'Third Rome”or the “First throne” you should start your sightseeing tour from Kremlin.
This is the dependence of the officialdom which visitor will apprehend immediately. The powerful Kremlin wall the stunning buildings and the proliferation of police underline Moscow powerful status quo. This historical and architectural masterpiece will “absorb” most of the visitors time. After the Kremlin, is time for the Assuption Cathedral with five golden helmets and four semicircular gables this church will win the impressions. It was the head church in proevolutionary Russia. An amazing 1660 fresco of Virgin Mary will certainly strike your attention.

Moscow City Take your minivan rentals and continue with two more sights that prove Moscow lasting glory throughout history. The most amazing of Kremlin palaces is the Terren Palace made of stone and built by VasilyIII it includes a dinning room, a living room ,a study room bedroom and a small chapel. The Armory dates back from 1511. Its main purpose was to manufacture stone weapons imperial arms, jewellery and gifts for the royal court. During the regime of Peter the Great all craft people were sent to St Petersburg, and it was transform into a museum. In nowadays the armory still has plenty of treasures to see.

The state Museum. This building dating from the late 19th century is a work of art on each own. Each room is dedicated to a different period and has its style. Everything about Russian history is well preserved inside these walls.

Its has almost mythical proportions and its time for you to see it live. We are referring to the world famous Bolshoi Theatre The plaza Petrovka its surrounded by three grand theaters. The protagonist is of course the central re-owned Bolshoi. This pink and white masterpiece was built in 1824.
The ice sculpture gallery is a miracle to see. The frozen masterpiece become even more magical due to the perfect lighting and music that follows them. The sculptures are inspired by famous Russian fairy-tales. If you want to escape from the vivid rhythms of the city visit leave everything behind and drive with you 12 seat minivan rentals to Gorky park. You will instantly feel that you have been transferred to another world. At the entrance a beautiful carousel stands proudly.

Moscow is the driving force for business activities and investments in a global level. Business personalities from all over the world visit Moscow in order to discuss new business possibilities and investments. These people determine the economic developments globally. The last thing they want is to find obstacles during their journey. Transportation is an area that can cause great difficulties that is why the need a truly reliable mean of transportation that combines comfort speed and innovative features. Van rental is where everybody ends up.

For your every professional need Van hire has the answer from now on you can travel, relax and work and all of that from the comfort of your seat. Get with you all the necessary equipment and leave everything else to Minivan rentals.

Pick Up & Drop Off Locations in Moscow:
Airport Sheremetyevo
Airport Domodedovo
Vnukovo Airport
Train Station
City Center
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